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New generation loux iced Tea!

Discover the tea as you never knew it, and as you never imagined it.

The renewed loux Tea series consists of three wonderful flavors: black tea with lemon, peach and green tea with red fruits. The products of loux Tea series contain 100% natural sweeteners, natural juices at a rate of 3% to 5%, low glycemic index and no preservatives.

Loux Tea products offer a choice of unprecedented pleasure with reduced calories, without the addition of sugar and technical sweeteners and guarantee an incomparably natural, tasty result. Lemon tea, peach tea and red fruit tea of ​​the loux Tea s are available in new, updated 500 ml and 1.5 liter packages.

Get to know them, try them, and enjoy them... Cheers to you!

The new series reflect the quality and passion of Loux to create innovative products that stand out for their naturalness and quality characteristics.

Αναψυκτικά λουξ

New generation light soft drinks
loux plus ‘n light!

It is not just “another” or a “new” range of light soft drinks.

Nowadays, it is the closest thing to a natural drink that one can anyone can enjoy without sacrificing taste and pleasure and without the guilt of artificial sweeteners.

Loux orangeade, lemonade and cola is just the beginning. The Loux plus ‘n light range will soon be complemented by new flavors as well as new products.

On their own they will constitute an incomparable refreshing pleasure, while all together their common characteristic is quality, purity and Loux’s spirit to create one-of-a-kind soft drinks.

Starting in 1950, followed by a creative and innovating journey, Loux, is today proud to present the plus' n light soft drinks, which are the first of their kind. Plus in taste, purity and ingredients, light in calories!

Get to know them, try and enjoy them...Cheers!

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Αναψυκτικά λουξ

LOUX soft drinks

Under three brands - LOUX, LOUX MIX and LOUX COLA – they produce a full range of refreshments, all with water from Kefalovrissos.
Orangeade, Lemonade, Sour Cherry, Loux Mix (a mixture of three citrus fruits Orange – Lemon – Mandarin), Soda, Traditional Gazoza (carbonated drink), Loux Cola and Tonic.
All LOUX refreshments are available in a wide range of packaging, thus covering all market needs: 250 ml glass and PET packaging of 330, 500 and 1500 ml

With the key ingredient of excellent quality water from Kefalovrissos, adding natural fruit juices and raw materials selected with strict criteria and the ideal balance of carbonate, LOUX soft drinks are at the top in preference for Greek consumers and will captivate those who try them.
Faithful to the principles of quality, purity and reliability that have set it apart since 1950, Loux has kept the original recipe intact, offering distinct flavours, natural and with an intense taste of Greece.
This, of course, does not discourage LOUX from meeting the needs of today's consumers and to innovate to create new tasteful drinks.
LOUX first launched their exceptional sour cherry drink in a glass bottle, a refreshment with a “homely” fruity flavour and a subtle presence of carbonate that evokes the sweetness and freshness dating back to our childhood.

Additionally, over the last 3 years, the Research and Development department of the company has improved the original recipe of LOUX cola and therefore its new taste, which has been reflected  in the best way possible by the continuous upward trend of sales of this particular product.

The company recently launched loux free orange juice without carbonate, without added sugar and artificial sweeteners, without preservatives, with reduced calories and a low glycemic index

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LOUX Natural Juices

LOUX Juices

Since 2008, the LOUX product line is complemented by the juices. These new fresh varieties are made from natural fruit juice, no added sugar and preservatives, and come in four flavours: Orange, Peach, Apple-orange-carrot - a juice rich in vitamins B, C and E and, finally, Extra-9 - a unique cocktail of 9 fruits and 7 vitamins.
LOUX juices are made to give energy, enjoyment and well-being, since they encompass all the vitamins and nutrients that are essential to naturally strengthen the body, and give that extra something throughout the day for children and adults.
Available in individual packs of 1 lt and 250 ml.

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