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Mission LOUX - objective is to deliver 50,000 meals for this cause

LOUX supported the cause “The Mission” a charity of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, providing 50,000 meals for this cause and will remain at the side of vulnerable social groups.
The objective of “The Mission” program huge and multifarious. Just alone in 2012, the program backed 1.945.010 million people offering, each day 10,000 portions of food or distributing more than 8,000 parcels with the basic everyday essentials.
The purpose of LOUX’s contribution is to help the “Mission” to meet everyday basic needs of our fellow citizens living below the poverty line. This effort becomes more difficult because, due to the ongoing crisis, this number is constantly growing.
As part of this campaign, LOUX also offers a television campaign and any other Marketing activities besides the supply of 50,000 meals. The ultimate goal, is to inform as many people as possible about the charitable work of "Mission", and to stimulate this perception and for greater social solidarity and mutual aid by all.

LOUX stands by and supports the fire-stricken residents of Ilia

In response to the devastating fires that hit many parts of the country in the summer of 2007, LOUX took on the initiative of assistance to affected areas of Ilia, which received the most extensive blow.
By giving part of the proceeds from each 1,5lt bottle beverage during the period September-December 2007, LOUX managed to raise funds that were then made available for the creation of basic infrastructures in villages devastated by fire in the area of Ilia.
More specifically, in the municipal district of Livadaki in the municipality of Alifeiras, which suffered tremendous damage, the students were forced to transfer to the Elementary School of Amygdalion, which inevitably become a bigger campus, considering the fact that they only had two rooms to begin with. LOUX undertook the design and construction of a third classroom as an extension to the current school building, thus replacing the temporary construction that was placed to make this accommodation.
In the neighbouring municipality of Figaleia, LOUX undertook the construction and bought all the relative equipment for an outdoor basketball court located at the High School of Figaleias, with free access to all the students of the Municipality.
Choosing to aid the Municipalities of Alifeira and Figaleia occured after specific proposals of the local government of Ilia.

LOUX stands by the weak and vulnerable social groups

LOUX supports the work of many not for profit organizations and volunteer foundations, and is always willing to assist them with their causes and LOUX funds various actions and events on their behalf. Some examples are:

  • “Stegi Agapis” Foundation – Christmas bazaar
  • Municipality of Athens – Christmas event for elderly and the homeless
  • Municipalities of Patras. Messatis, Momvri, Paralia – festive events promoting  the Social Sector programs
  • Incurables Asylum, Daniilida
  • Hamogelo tou Paidiou
  • Society of protection for individuals with psychological illnesses

LOUX supports the Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” of Achaia by taking on the tasks of supporting vulnerable social groups (press release 10.16.2014).


Full support to those suffering from the pandemic

During the first burst of the pandemic, Loux stood by the medical staff of the country recognizing the importance of their work by creating the mobile application, Loux Plai-Plai, with quality and up-to-date content, which can be downloaded for free. The company offered to the National Health Care System 1 € for each Download of the free application. The amount raised was offered for the purchase of ICU equipment for the General Hospital of Patras "O Agios Andreas".

The company has also implemented in collaboration with the Hellenic Red Cross a nationwide blood donation program, collecting a significant amount of blood units. Moreover, Loux has contributed to the work of the interdisciplinary teams of the Municipality of Athens as well as the Organization the Child's Smile through ELLA- DIKA initiative.

In order to assure the safety and health of its employees and therefore of the society, Loux implements PCR screening program for its workers.