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Taking care of the environment

For LOUX, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of all practices relating to the management of the impact the company has on the environment. Aiming at the minimum and the maximum protection of the environment, LOUX has developed a range of measures and activities in respect of all of its employees and corporate practices:

Internal processes that are environment friendly

Recycling materials policy (e.g. paper, batteries, office supplies, printer toners, etc.)

Rational use of old equipment and machines
(In the context of sound management, LOUX recycles, either internally or directly to educational institutions or other areas in the form of donations, of older computers, printers, mobiles and similar office equipment. Whenever it’s not feasible to use items anymore, LOUX implements proper recycling methods, thus minimizing any environmental impact that could be caused by the rejection of these materials in landfills.)

Moreover, Loux has made it a priority to utilize certain packaging materials that can be used to manufacture tools that can help vulnerable social groups.

The equipment we use is environmentally friendly (e.g. factory machinery, distribution trucks –modern fleet, ongoing maintenance and strict inspections, refrigerators and fire suppressants, etc....

Corporate initiatives for the environment


Tree planting at Ancient Olympia

Once again LOUX shows its sensitivity towards the environment, by supporting a sponsorship program of the National Olympic Academy and the Ministry of Education, “Reforestation and Sports”.

Specifically, in the first Nationwide event of the National Olympic Academy (NOA), involving students and scouts of the Peloponnese, on Saturday, June 5th 2010, World Environment Day, LOUX was present at the tree planting on the premises of the Greek Olympic Committee (HOC) in Ancient Olympia.

Sponsor of the Festival “The celebration of the earth”

LOUX supported and funded the festival “The celebration of the earth”, a spectacular four-day celebration for children at the multiplex Politeia, Patras, from the 15th to the 18th of April 2011.

This festival was organized by the Prefectural Enterprise of Cultural Development of SE Achaia, laying the foundations for permanent actions in order to protect our planet.

The celebration of the earth is a unique festival, in which through various activities, such as music, games, art workshops, concerts and other activities, children were entertained and informed about the natural environment while providing stimuli and concerns to parents and teachers.

In addition, many other organizations and NGOs participated in the festival (WWF, Arcturos, Hamogelo, Doctors without Borders, Action Aid, etc), with interesting activities that were aimed to properly inform parents and teachers about what they can do themselves,  so that children can be informed of environmental and social issues.