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Loux, a sponsor at the All4fun awards.

With the taste of Loux, for the seventh year, the All4fun awards were held on September 25 at the "Hellenic Cosmos" Theater with Vasilis Palaiologos and Marianna Polychronidi as presenters.


Patras Carnival

LOUX, has a very strong presence in the cultural life of the country, and has been a major sponsor of the Patras Carnival, which happens to be the biggest carnival event in Greece with a history of 180 years.
The Patras Carnival - which is an event not only for the city of Patras but for Greece in general - it is not just about the big parade on the last Sunday of the period, but also includes a variety of events such as dances, parades (involving over 40,000 participants), The search of a Hidden Treasure (involving about 90 groups having to answer riddles and do various tasks), the Children’s Carnival (involving approximately 12,000 children), Street Theatre, Exhibitions, Film tribute, National Festival of Amateur Satire Theatre etc.
The soul of the Carnival are tens of thousands of people of all ages, participating in the parade, and visitors and friends of these people, involving themselves in the enjoyment of the city.