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Production & Distribution Units

Today, Loux has a fully integrated production line for total and absolute quality control regarding the production of PET plastic bottles, from the harvesting and sorting of the raw material, to the bottling and merchandising at the point of sale.

It has three privately owned modern units, of production, bottling and distribution, spanning a total area of 33,000 sqm.

The first unit is the plant in Kefalovrissos.
All of the LOUX drinks are produced here using the state-of-the-art equipment, along with the fully automated processes and the most advanced international quality control methods for hygiene and packaging.

With the key ingredient being the excellent quality of Kefalovrissos water, the addition of natural fruit juices and the selection of raw materials, along with the ideal balance of carbonate, LOUX soft drinks stand out for their quality and purity, offering delightfully refreshing flavours, with unique Greek taste.

The second unit is the distribution centre, located in the area Saravali.
The third unit, packaging production, is located in Aigio. LOUX is the only Greek company in its sector to possess a vertically integrated packaging plant of such modern standards.

With the latest technology machinery and fully automated processes, PET type packages are produced here. At this facility is the production of the flagship LOUX plastic bottles, with the distinctive shape and textured surface - inspired by the orange peel - which makes each LOUX refreshment even more special.

Here again, quality control is very strict and done without any compromise. It starts by sorting the raw material - to ensure that they come from primary and not recycled material - and continues non-stop, until the last step in the production process. This results in the production of outstanding quality packaging, ensuring longer life and excellent preservation of products.

In particular, the unit is now specialized in the stages of production of plastic preforms and final shaping of Loux's plastic bottles. Specifically, in the first stage (preform), the company has a production capacity of 130 million pieces per year, while in the second stage 150 million pieces per year, which is expected to double with the addition of modern technological equipment in 2019.