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Loux - Natural Greek Pleasure

Loux, showing us your love for 70 years!

Love can be expressed in the most special and unexpected way. This year at Loux, we are turning 70, and we are celebrating with a revolutionary anniversary campaign, dedicated to all of you.
70 years Loux. 70 years “side by side.” The music of the film is signed by Michalis Hatzigiannis in a special edition run of the beloved song "side by side", exclusively for Loux!

Celebrating 70 years of enjoyment

Loux marks 70 years on the Greek market, and we are celebrating with an anniversary campaign dedicated to all of you who stood beside us all this time, showing us your love, each in his or her own unique way.

What have we done? A journey through the memories. We followed people and highlighted the moments spent together. There are more than you can imagine! We made man the star and created a campaign-a journey through the years spent together, which we enjoyed side by side. At Loux, we present our history for the first time, not as a nostalgic narrative, but as a living journey through time ... through you and your own everyday experiences. You gave us the idea, with the love you have shown for our products. And this is what we focused on.

So, in our anniversary film, a great love story unfolds, lasting 70 years, through the narration of shorter, true stories. These are moments that more or less all of us have spent alongside a Loux. In this film, a kick managed to fill us with smiles! We enjoyed being squeezed, and we were delighted when someone emptied us and tossed us away. And all this ... because this is how you show us your love! And thus, 70 years have rolled by, side by side, 70 years during which we have been present in your small everyday moments, to fill them with enjoyment.

For 70 years, we have been using excellent raw materials produced in Greece, from the fruits of our land to the authentic, traditional recipes for Loux juices and soft drinks. These have given us our unique identity. For 70 years, you have shown us your love, trust and loyalty, within and beyond the borders of Greece.

We started out as a small family and have since grown! We combine innovation and tradition, always with enthusiasm for our work and passion for excellent quality. Thus, we preserve our qualities and keep them unaltered.

We continue side by side, in an anniversary year, fuller than ever!

Λουξ - 1950-2020