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Αποστολή LOUX takes part in providing 50,000 meals for a charitable cause

LOUX supported the “Mission”, the Charity of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, providing 50,000 meals shared with love and will remain at the side of vulnerable social groups.

The project of the "Mission" is huge and multifaceted. Considering the fact that only in one year, 2012, they supported 1,945,010 people offering them daily, 10,000 portions of food or distributing more than 8,000 parcels of love with basic everyday essentials.

The purpose of LOUX’s charitable contribution is to help with the difficult daily struggle of the “Mission” to meet current basic needs of those people living below the poverty line. This effort becomes more difficult because, due to the ongoing economic crisis in Greece, the number of  our people in this situation is constantly growing.

As part of this initiative, LOUX supplies the cause with 50,000 meals shared with love, a television campaign for promotion, and other special efforts. The projects goal is to inform the people through mass media about the charitable work of the "Mission”, and to stimulate as many people as possible and thus enhance the perception for greater social solidarity and mutual aid.